Wildlife in Italy: Nottola - Leisler's Nottola - Giant Nottola

Wildlife in Italy: Nottola - Leisler's Nottola - Giant Nottola

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Systematic classification

Class: Mammals
Order: Bats
Family: Verspertilionidi

Nottola - Nyctalus noctula

Head-body length: 60-82 mm
Tail length: 41-60 mm
Wingspan: 32-40 cm
Weight: 19-40 grams

Europe (N to the 60th parallel; E to the Urals); from southeast Asia Minor (with Cyprus) to Israel; from western Turkmenistan to south-western Siberia, to the Himalayan regions (northern Pakistan and India, Nepal), to Japan and part of the Eastern Region (southern China, Taiwan, northern Viet Nam and, with doubt, northern Thailand and the Malay Peninsula); Maghreb Africa; absent in Crete; present in Corsica; its presence in Sardinia and Sicily is uncertain. The species is present practically everywhere in continental and peninsular Italy.
Feeding: insects. Twilight-night habits.
Gestation lasts 10 weeks. I leave in May-June, with 1-2 small inept.
Verses: shouts, ultrasound.
Mostly high flight, fast, deeply beaten, straight with sudden dives and turns.

Nottola - Nyctalus noctula (photo

Leisler Nottola - Nyctalus leisleri

Head-body length: 48-68 mm
Tail length: 35-45 mm
Wingspan: 26-32 cm
Weight: 13-20 grams

From Western Europe (Ireland, Great Britain, Eastern France and Iberia) to the Urals and the Caucasus; to E up to northern Pakistan, Kashmir and north-western India (Punjab); Azores, Madeira, Canary Islands; Maghreb Africa and Libya (Cyrenaica); as far as the major Mediterranean islands are concerned, the species is reported only for Sardinia, where it was recently discovered, and for Corsica; missing in the Maltese Islands.
In Italy the species is known for the northern and central regions up to Lazio and Marche, as well as for Puglia and Sardinia

Giant Nottola - Nyctalus lasiopterus

Head-body length: 84-104 mm
Tail length: 55-65 mm
Wingspan: 41-46 cm
Weight: 41-76 grams

From Europe (Ireland, Great Britain and northern regions excluded) to Uzbekistan through the Caucasus, northern Iran (Caspian coast) and Kazakhstan; Morocco and Libya (Cyrenaica). As for the major islands of the Mediterranean, the species is reported only for Sicily. In Italy the species is presumably present everywhere.

Giant Nottola - Nyctalus lasiopterus (photo

Giant Nottola (photo Vergari and Dondini)

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