Fruit trees: Banana tree

Fruit trees: Banana tree

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The banana tree (Musa acuminata Colla) is a plant native to Asia. It is grown in Central America, Tropical Africa and the Philippines. By importance it is the fourth species of fruit grown.
Banana fruit only in tropical climates; it can live in mild climates, but hardly ever plant is in light shade. The banana tree needs protection from the winds.
Environment: tropical valleys, in full sun or in light shade.
Climate: hot and humid, mild.

Bananas (website photo)

Banana tree (photo

Consumption and nutritional properties

It is present on the markets all year round.
It can be eaten naturally, sliced ​​in fruit salads, fried, with ice cream, or in fruit cakes, etc. It is well suited for the preparation of smoothies.
There are 57 calories provided by 100 grams of pulp, which represents 65% of this fruit. It also contains good quantities of vitamins A, B12 and C; also rich in mineral salts (iron, phosphorus, iodine, etc.). The sugars and cellulosic fibers exert a positive action on the intestinal flora and therefore regulate their function.

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