Breeds of dogs: Newfoundland

Breeds of dogs: Newfoundland

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Origin, classification and history

Origin: Canada.
F.C.I classification: Group 2 - pinscher, schnauzer, molossoid and Swiss cattle dogs.

There are many hypotheses on the origins of this fascinating dog breed. There are those who would make Newfoundland (Newfoundland - Terre Neuve) descend from bear dogs introduced to America by the Vikings. Another theory assumes that he is a descendant of the "Tibet Mastiff", the progenitor of all molossoids, who arrived in America through the Bering Strait, the Aleutian islands and Alaska together with the ancestors of the American Indians. According to this last theory therefore, the Newfoundland derives from the "big black dog" of the Sioux and Algonchini. This dog was used in hunting, for towing, for fishing and also for the guard. It is very probable that both theories are valid, in fact the blood of the dogs imported from the Vikings could have subsequently crossed with that of the dogs belonging to the local Indian populations, giving life to the progenitor of the current Newfoundland, a breed today very widespread, known and appreciated . It is a breed that fascinates a lot and gets considerable appreciation. Excellent show dog. The breed is divided into three varieties according to the color of the coat: black, brown and white with black spots.

General aspect

Large dog, which impresses with its elegance and harmony. Dog of great strength and great activity. Solid bone structure and excellent musculature. Very robust dog. Large and massive head. Morphologically fascinating breed.


As is known to all this breed, it loves water. The "lifeguard dog" has been renamed on many occasions for its great aptitude for water rescue. Its sweetness is one of its best qualities. There are few equally friendly breeds. Breed that becomes very attached to its owner. His instinct to save is so strong that he can sometimes save even those who don't need it. Delicate dog in the first months of life, but very robust as an adult. It must be kept in the garden due to its large size. He loves to swim. Ideal dog to live with other animals.

Neverines As A Storm Bird, Newfoundland female (photo

Arts Heart of Logrus, male from Newfoundland (photo


- males 71 cm approximately
- females approximately 66 cm.
Weight: from 50 to 68 kg.

Trunk: very vigorous. Well proportioned to other parts of the body. Harmonic overall. Deep and capacious chest. Straight and solid back. Croup of right length.
Head and muzzle: large, massive head, with a not too marked stop. Snout short, square, covered with short and fine hair. The craniofacial axes are parallel.
Truffle: large and black in color.
Teeth: complete and correct teeth. Strong jaws. Scissor closure.
Neck: very robust and with good insertion.
Ears: they are small, well attached to the back, hanging tightly to the head.
Eyes: they are small, brown, rather sunken.
Limbs: perfectly straight and muscular.
Shoulder: with the right inclination and the right length.
Pace: with harmonic pace and wide stride. Excellent thrust in the rear. Loose movement.
Musculature: excellent development of muscle masses throughout the animal's body.
Tail: of medium length, it arrives just under the hock: it is carried low when the dog is at rest, raised when it is moving.
Hair: flat and dense, with a strong texture and oily in nature, capable of resisting water.
Allowed colors: depending on the variety, black, white-black or brown.
Most common defects: non-standard sizes, coat colors not allowed, monorchidism, cryptorchidism, lack of premolars, deviated jaw, twisted tail, prognathism, enognatism, light eye, badly worn ears, depigmentation, atypical, too short muzzle, narrow skull, incorrect movement, back defective, shallow lip, light bone, slender dog, obesity, insufficient muscle mass, aggressive or shy character.

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