Game: Coturnice - Alectoris graeca

Game: Coturnice - Alectoris graeca

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- Class: Birds
- Order: Galliformi
- Family: Phasianides
- Subfamily: Perdicini
- Genus: Alectoris
- Species: graeca (Linnaeus, 1758)

Distinctive characters

Length of 33 cm for a weight of 500/850 g, stocky body, short tail, short and rounded wings; chest, lower neck and upper parts of the body gray with brownish shades; yellowish belly; whitish sides with black transverse bands; throat cheeks and front of the neck white, surrounded by an evident black band that reaches up to the forehead; red eye ring; beak and red legs.
Behavior: very elusive and mimetic, it walks very well and quickly on the ground, generally uphill; if frightened it flies downhill along the slopes; in autumn it gathers in large groups.
It is sedentary, lives in sunny, stony slopes, with scarce vegetation and isolated bushes of hilly and mountainous areas up to altitudes of 2500 m. It feeds on various herbs and their parts, on buds, buds, conifer needles, berries and seeds as well as insects and their larvae. Currently it has disappeared from various areas of its ancient range.
Reproduction - June / August
Hatching - 24/26 days
Number of eggs - 9/14
Able to fly - 25 days
Distribution - Europe, South Asia.

NOTE: it is widely used for restocking for hunting purposes and is related Alectoris chukar. It is much more prolific and resistant in captivity. This raises considerable doubts about the danger of possible hybridizations with the original form Alectoris graeca.

Alpine rock partridge - Alectoris graeca


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