Degrees of protection of protected areas

Degrees of protection of protected areas

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The Framework Law on Parks (No. 394 of 1991) sets the objective of combining the needs of conservation and safeguarding of natural heritage with the interests of local populations through the washing up of forms of sustainable development within the protected area.
The protection of natural and environmental values, which the Law entrusts to the Park Authority, is pursued through the instrument of the park plan, which divides the territory according to the different degree of protection. The Park territory is therefore divided into areas or parts characterized by different forms of use, enjoyment and protection.

The zoning of the park therefore provides:

  • integral reserves in which the natural environment is preserved in its integrity.
  • general reservations oriented in which it is forbidden to build new building works, expand existing buildings, carry out works of transformation of the territory. However, traditional production uses, the construction of strictly necessary infrastructures, as well as interventions for the management of natural resources by the Park Authority may be allowed. Maintenance works on existing works are also allowed.
  • protection areas in which, in harmony with the institutional purposes and in accordance with the general criteria set by the Park Authority, agro-forestry-pastoral activities as well as fishing and collection of natural products can continue, according to traditional uses or according to organic farming methods, and quality artisan production is also encouraged.
  • areas of economic promotion and social belonging to the same ecosystem, more extensively modified by the anthropization processes, in which activities compatible with the institutional aims of the Park and aimed at improving the socio-cultural life of the local communities and at the best enjoyment of the park by visitors are allowed .

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