Tremiti Islands Nature Reserve - Puglia

Tremiti Islands Nature Reserve - Puglia

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: State Natural Reserve and Marine Reserve; established with Ministerial Decree of July 14, 1989; included in the Gargano National Park
Puglia region
Province: Foggia

The Marine Protected Area of ​​the Tremiti Islands, extending 1,509 hectares, affects the coastal area surrounding the islands of S. Domino, S. Nicola, Caprara and Pianosa for the entire stretch of sea which, in principle, includes up to the 70 meters isobar.

Tremiti Islands - Gargano National Park (photo


The archipelago of the Tremiti Islands is made up of three islands (San Nicola, San Domino and Caprara), about twenty kilometers north of the Gargano coast, to which is added the more distant and uninhabited Pianosa. In ancient times they were called Insulae Diomedeae in honor of the hero Diomedes, which legend has it that is buried here after the fall of Troy. Inhabited during the year by about 400 people, the Tremiti are a destination for swimmers attracted by the clear waters and the rugged coasts rich in coves and caves. The underwater life is very rich, with lobsters, actinias, colonies of sponges, and the one on the cliffs where the diomedee with yellow beak and harrowing evening references that recall the human voice live. From the coast, the only landing point for the Tremiti islands is the port of San Nicola, the other islands can only be reached by fishermen's boats. The high and rocky coast, of limestone constitution, is animated by the presence of numerous caves. The rocky bottoms, declining slightly steeply to the limits of the continental shelf, are of exceptional scientific interest and scenic beauty.

Information for the visit

Gargano National Park Authority
Via SantAntonio Abate, 121
71037 Monte SantAngelo
Tel. 0884568911

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