Marchesale State Biogenetic Nature Reserve - Calabria

Marchesale State Biogenetic Nature Reserve - Calabria

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: State Biogenetic Nature Reserve; established with D.M.A.F. July 13, 1977.
Region: Calabria
Province: Vibo Valentia

The Marchesale State Biogenetic Nature Reserve occupies an area of ​​1,257 hectares (at an altitude of between 750 m and 1,170 m), along the mountain slopes of the high basin of the Mesina river and of Monte Arrugiato; it is located in the municipalities of Acquaro and Arena (VV); it is a site of community importance.

Marchesale forest (photo


The Marchesale Reserve concerns an area that from Monte Arrugiato slopes gently down to the valley bottom, which has small corrugations in which the spring waters are collected, which come down to the Trebboina, Acqua Bianca and Petriano streams; in the area there are some ponds and small bogs. The lower part is located in the photoclimatic area of ​​Castanetum (where chestnut predominates), the upper part in that of Fagetum (where beech is the most representative species). Small areas have been affected in the past by reforestation with black pine and other coniferous species.
There are many species present in the Reserve: among the mammals we find the wild boar, the marten, the marten, the skunk, the weasel, the badger, the Italic hare, the fox; among the nesting birds, the sparrow hawk, the buzzard, the wood pigeon, lassiolo, the stiff neck, the great spotted woodpecker, the moth, the fiorrancino, the gray tit, the nuthatch, the oriole, small wash. The area is also an important wintering and transit area for many migratory bird species.

Information for the visit

How to get there:
The Reserve can be reached via the Mongiana-Laureana provincial road of Borrello which runs alongside it for a stretch on the north-eastern border while to the north it is bordered by the municipal road of Arena.


Via Roma, 30
89823 Mongiana (VV)

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