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Collection of information and useful advice for cat lovers, with atlas of the main breeds of cats (origins, general appearance, character, care, variety of colors and standards). Thanks to Sara Dioguardi for the precious collaboration in the realization of this section.

Atlas of cat breeds

We have collected in an atlas of easy consultation (cards with images) the races of cats, divided into long-haired, semi-long and short-haired breeds. Click on the menu and select the desired breed.

Information to mariners

The domestic cat (Felis silvestris catus Schreber, 1775), among many pets, the youngest in terms of domestication. Venerated by the ancient Egyptians (who saw this animal as a real divinity), cats were mostly found in areas such as Greece, Egypt and Persia, then, with the movement of merchants, the migration of cats to Western Europe also took place. Among the ancient Romans the cat faced a rival: the ferret. This was, in fact, the most popular animal as a rat predator. In the past associated with pagan rites and witchcraft, today it is appreciated for its extraordinary beauty and for its affectionate but independent character. The many tens of millions of cats in Europe confirm the extraordinary characteristics of this feline. Several studies have shown that the company of a cat can help people with mental problems, lonely or stressed people by lowering their tension.

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